Closet Clean Out: Together, we will go through your closet to decide what stays and what will leave with us for consignment. An hourly rate applies if the clean out time lasts over one hour. This service is recommended for those who are unsure of what will and won’t sell. We will only leave with pieces that we feel confident should sell. Any unsold items from this service will be returned to you, unless otherwise requested.

Consignment Pick Up: Contact us for a complimentary pick up. Items must be bagged, or boxed and ready to go upon our arrival. This service does not include a Closet Clean Out. This service is recommended for clients that wish to donate any unsold items.

Instagram Live Sale: We are here to help you host a fun and engaging Instagram Live Sale! We will help you select and prepare pieces to sell. We will also help you set up and execute your sale on the day of. Lastly, we will invoice, collect payments, and ship all sale orders for you. This service is highly recommend for Influencers interested in boosting their engagement, along with moving inventory more quickly. This service is only offered in the Chicago, Illinois area. 

Customized Website Closet Sale: We will bring your personalized closet sale to life right here on our website. All you have to do is share your customized link on Instagram, or however you choose to promote your sale. We will pick up, inventory, prepare, photograph, list, process payment and ship your pieces. This service is highly recommended for Influencers with high engagement, but are not interested in hosting an Instagram Live Sale. We also offer this exact same service on your Squarespace website, as long as you have the ecommerce feature. An additional fee applies if your sale is hosted on your website instead of ours. We offer this service nationwide. 

We welcome you to email us at to learn more about any of our services. 

Services we do NOT provide at this time include; Personal Styling, Personal Shopping, Buyouts or Trades. 

We thank you for supporting our small business!